• SDK Launch Event - Quasi Liveblogging

    Event is over. Here's the high points:

    • SDK is available TODAY via iPhone Dev Center for FREE.
    • iPhone 2.0 firmware, which will allow SDK apps, will ship in June.
    • Apps will be downloaded via an exclusive iPhone app called AppStore (sound familiar? Installer? Cydia?) which will be a part of the 2.0 firmware update.
    • Sega's Super Monkey Ball, EA's Spore are among the apps that will be available.
    • Developers get 70% of the revenue from their apps. It costs $99 to publish them on AppStore. Free apps can be listed, at no charge.
    • Development is done in XCode, only on Mac, and includes a Mac-side iPhone Simulator.
    • Exchange and ActiveSync support are in the 2.0 update

    Times are PST

    9:50 AM - folks being let in to the auditorium
    9:52 AM - employees of various corps are here - Adobe, Orange, J Crew, lots from Disney
    9:58 AM - the same big screen is up, right now just the Apple logo is displayed
    9:58 AM - starting... bloggers are getting little power outlets and desk to power their equipment. nice move, Apple. "Good morning, ladies and gentleman, welcome to this Apple special event"
    10:01 Am - Steve - "Welcome"
    10:02 AM - Been working really hard on this, really cool stuff to announce
    10:02 AM - stats. iPhone has 28% market share of smart phones in US. 71% of US mobile browsing is Safari.
    10:04 AM - iPhone Enterprise, hands off to Phil
    10:05 AM - Genentech (members are on the board) use a "fleet" of iPhones. Stanford uses hundreds. Good email, and push are what is needed for enterprise.
    10:06 AM - Push contacts, global address list, Cisco IPsec VPN, authentication and certs, enterprise class WiFi (WPA2 / 802.1x), security policies, enterprise configuration tools, remote wipe - ALL these things in the next release of the iPhone firmware
    10:07 AM - also getting ActiveSync and Exchange support
    10:09 AM - Exchange/Activesync is going to be native to the iPhone
    10:10 AM - showing a demo
    10:12 AM - (thanks, Giz)
    10:12 AM - (thanks, Engadget)
    10:15 AM - demo iPhone data wipe. kinda scary. hope Apple doesn't get TOO pissed about us having unlock guides up. heh.
    10:18 AM - Scott Forestall to talk about SDK
    10:19 AM - "Ok, I'm here to tell you about how devs can build great apps on the iPhone. Before I get into the SDK, I want to give an update on web apps. This has been incredibly successful, there are over 1,000 web applications for the iPhone."
    10:20 AM - showing web apps.. who cares... didn't care then, don't now.
    10:22 AM - We’re releasing the same APIs and Tools that we use to develop iPhone apps.
    10:23 AM - Took everything we knew about creating stuff with Cocoa and everything about a touch API for iPhone to build Cocoa Touch. Cocoa is great, but based on mouse & keyboard input
    10:24 AM - thanks, Giz
    10:25 AM - OS X desktop kernel is same as iPhone
    10:26 AM - We have a complete set of APIs for your app to talk directly to the contacts DB on the iPhone, and an entire database API with SQLite
    10:27 AM - Media layer has all audio/video capabilities: Core Audio, OpenAL, Audio Mixing, Audio Recording, Video Playback, JPG/PNG/TIFF, PDF, Quartz (2D) Core Animation, OpenGL ES
    10:28 AM - Cocoa Touch: Multi-Touch events/controls, Accelerometer, View Hierarchy, Localization, Alerts, Web View, People Picker, Image Picker, Camera. Everything is hardware accelerated
    10:29 AM - Enhanced XCode to work with iPhone
    10:30 AM - Xcode will now code complete for the APIs in the SDK, Integrated documentation, "Shipping a lot of great documentation with the SDK, and you can access it within the software" Project management, integrated source control
    10:31 AM - also has a nice debugger -- it's also a great remote debugger. Plug an iPhone in, run the app live on your iPhone, and be debugging it from your Mac.
    10:32 AM - Interface Builder: "Makes building your user interface as simple as drag-and-drop" - All the controls from Cocoa Touch are built right into Interface Builder
    10:33 AM - Debugger shows a visual CPU, memory and frame rates of your programs. Can work on two apps at once, so you can optimize your programs for iPhone battery life and performance.
    10:34 AM - Introducing brand new iPhone dev tool: iPhone Simulator. simulates entire API stack on your Mac
    10:38 AM - built a little Hello World with those tools
    10:40 AM - Photo picker applies OpenGL distortion effects on finger tracking
    10:43 AM - thanks, Giz. TouchFighter, nifty graphics. debugging on Mac while playing on iPhone. built in two weeks, runs at 27-30 fps.
    10:45 AM - EA built iPhone apps in 2 weeks with SDK, here's what they came up with
    10:47 AM - Iphone version of spore
    thanks, giz
    10:48 AM - We have all 18 levels up and running, a full editor. Spore for iPhone has "evolution editor" that lets user add all sorts of things to personalize a spore "takes advantage of touchscreen fun
    10:50 AM - thanks, engadget
    10:51 AM - Sales reps would love to use the iPhone to get a graphical view of their monthly sales goals. blah blah blah
    10:52 AM - Salesforce, app for sales folks. nifty bit is that it can put contacts etc straight to map
    10:54 AM - So happy to show you AIM for iPhone holy yah!
    10:55 AM - see ya, Apollo. heh. thanks, giz
    10:57 AM- You can have multiple conversations going on at the same time, switching between active chats by swiping
    11:00 AM - Epocrates, prototyped new functionality for the iPhone to identify drugs. Like we don't know drugs when we see them.
    11:02 AM - oh wow. Sega ported Super MonkeyBall. Accelerometer based. frickin awesome.
    thanks, giz
    11:03 AM - Here comes Steve to talk about distribution
    11:05 AM - AppStore, put it on every single iPhone that everyone will have access to with the next release of the software
    thanks, engadget
    11:07 AM - Developers are going to ask what the deal is. Developers pick price. Devs get 70% of the revenue. No credit card, no marketing fees, no hosting fees. Paid monthly.
    11:08 AM - Of course, I can see what the most popular apps are that are being downloaded, I can easily search, I can tap on it... this one's free... and it's wirelessly downloaded [over the air!] to the iPhone via cellular or WiFi.
    11:08 AM - Your app will be updated over the air automatically
    11:09 AM - There is no charge to the developer for free apps!
    11:10 AM - All of this is coming in the iPhone 2.0 firmware update. It’ll have the SDK and enterprise capabilities. There’s a Beta release going out today. Thousands of developers will have it today. Apple needs the feedback. Customers will see this in June as a free software update. Of course searching torrents to find that beta and getting in into the hands of the iPhone devs who have worked so hard before is illegal so we don't do THAT.
    11:13 AM - How do you become an iPhone developer? Go to our website (Apple) "probably starting in about an hour" and download the SDK for free. Costs $99 to publish an app.
    11:16 AM - holy crap 100 Million dollars in the iFund for iPhone developers. Google Android has a 10M dollar fund for apps. hehe
    11:18 AM - It's about this great opportunity, but it's about more than the money -- it's about the great team at Apple and the great talent we can recruit together. ... if you want to build the future, the iFund wants to help you fund it. I can't wait to see the companies we'll build together.
    11:20 AM - That wraps it up. Refreshments and excited devs around the country.
    11:24 AM - Q&A. First What does the 100m iFund do for the community? Steve: This is going to help young developers with funding. It helps the whole iPhone ecosystem.
    11:33 AM - Ryan Block from Engadget asked: "Will a SIM unlock be considered software that won't be allowed on the AppStore?" Jobs: Yyyyyyes...


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