• [iLiberty Released] Safe Unlocking with no bootloader downgrade + more (Windows)

    Developers site:

    This actually has some nice tools, and will have even more tools down the line, aside from having different ways to unlock. Safely, and without downgrading the bootloader. For people that want Jailbreak/Activate only for 1.1.4, they can now do this in a Windows GUI without risk.

    Here's a list of current/future tools:

    Jailbreak various versions
    Activate various versions
    Unlock various versions with correct startup scripts (e.g. for IPSF, with seczone check to avoid permanant lock on non-IPSF)
    Setup AFC2 for iPHUC
    Install BSDsubsystem
    Install OpenSSH for remote shell access
    Install Term-vt100 in case there’s no WiFi hotspot around
    Install Installer for 3rd party applications
    Fix essential application issues
    Apply essential patches (e.g. AppSupport and UIKit)
    Options for dangerous operations for brave people (with warning)

    Screen Shot:

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