• Apple to Dev Applicants - NO MEANS NO

    Tons of devs excited about the new SDK are being turned down by Apple. The way the SDK is set up, you cannot publish any apps until you have applied, been accepted, and paid for ($99) the iPhone Developer program.

    Over 100,000 people have downloaded the SDK already, and no one has been able to track down someone who has been accepted - although rejection letters are being handed out like free toothbrushes at the dentist. Here's what it looks like:

    Dear Registered iPhone Developer, Thank you for expressing interest in the iPhone Developer Program. We have received your enrollment request. As this time, the iPhone Developer Program is available to a limited number of developers and we plan to expand during the beta period. We will contact you again regarding your enrollment status at the appropriate time. Thank you for applying.

    Best regards, iPhone Developer Program
    Looks like they may just not have the ability to grant dev certs yet, and are covering for it? Apple hasn't said anything yet about the situation.

    If you've been accepted (as in paid your $99/$299, the whole 9 yards), let us know, as yet no one has been found that has.

    TUAW and others
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