• [ FIRST VIEW ] OpenSource iPhone? iBoot

    cmw (you may know him as niacin, co-author of the tiff exploit, aka jailbreakme.com) has released iBoot, a tool which lets you access the iPhone bootloader via a console.

    Whats it mean? An important first step towards porting other OS's to the iPhone. cmw has already got iPhoneLinux.org up and running, and is actively porting Linux at the moment.

    Using the dev teams nor hack i managed to patch all of my bootloader code directly into iBoot and build a kernel driver that lets you mount the nand on Linux.
    ModMyI.com teamed up with NegriElectronics.com to get cmw an iPhone to play around with and get that Linux port going, so look for some cool news on that soon.

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