• Appstore UI First Real Pics

    Have you been wondering what the appstore will look like? Drunkenbass of monsterandfriends.com (known for the first video recording on the iPhone) has been kind enough to share the first screenshots of the upcoming appstore with us here @ modmyi.com

    He was just bored pressing buttons on his phone and suddenly instead of getting the normal "cannot connect" message that he had previously encountered, appstore launched revealing the appstore UI. Browsing around he found that the Genres and Top 50 categories contained a few apps.

    As you can see from the pictures it seems that Apple is currently just doing some testing off appstore and its functionality. There are two current categories and within them are a couple of webapps? I would speculate that Apple is using webapps just to test the menus of appstore, along with a potential rating system for apps. There also appears to be a little area for the icon of the app to appear, letting you know what icon will appear on your phone's springboard once you install an app.
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