• iLibertyX - Premier iPhone/iTouch Jailbreaking, Unlocking, Activation for OS X

    We are happy to introduce the newest and shiniest OSX software for releasing iPhone or iPod Touch into your control. What is is called? iLibertyX. It is the culmination of the great work put into iLiberty and iPlus to bring you the best in modding.

    Guide | Download | theiphoneproject | Download from theiphoneproject

    iLibertyX does it all, jailbreaks, activates and unlocks firmware up to 1.1.4 for all bootloader versions of the iPhone and easily jailbreaks your iPod Touch. Another cool feature available is the packages console. With this you can easily install pre made third party payloads onto your iPhone / iPod Touch like dropbear ssh and a payload to reflash the wifi / edge / bluetooth. iLibertyX will even upgrade the bootloader on 3.9 b/l phones if you so desire (note the bootloader upgrade does not work on ziphone unlocked phones). Oh and you can't help but love the great looking GUI .

    A full usage guide can be found here.

    Windows version here.

    Big credit goes out to francis, pepijn, George Zhu, AViegas, cmw, w__, Baalbeck, bgm, cRAKn, GeoHot, MuscleNerd, pumpkin, SoLoR, sunny, tjcarter, and the iPhoneDev Team.
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