• NEW iPhone firmware seeded - iPhone coming to more countries?

    Our friends over at theiphoneproject.org have gotten ahold of the latest firmware 2.0 build that Apple released (5A240D), and have found some interesting info - SEVEN additional languages are now in the firmware. Among the new additions are ALL of Scandinavia, Korea, and Portuguese. Irish

    This could mean the iPhone has release plans for many additional countries, or of course they COULD just be adding support for additional languages. Looks good for all you international folks, though.

    The new firmware is also a huge increase in size - 200 MB, a 30% increase from its previous 158 MB size in 5A225C. This definitely speaks to an international focus, as the languages are the biggest change in this new firmware, and a 40MB increase in size.

    A closer look at /System/Library/Carrier Bundles/ shows that support for Ireland’s O2 carrier has finally been added, but that aside from the language support for the 7 new countries, Apple has not yet added Carrier Bundles for them, so we can’t really tell which carriers have been chosen by Apple, but we can guess that they will be the ones with the largest customer base in their respective countries.
    For you developers, Apple has also released a new version of the SDK, which now has documentation for the interface builder (!), as well as the Celestial and Foundation frameworks getting updated. Looks like developers are getting a little more love from Apple, after being locked out of their iPhones with the PSOD, heh.

    This is all good news, folks - Apple is really filling out the offerings for iPhone developers!

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