• 3g iPhone to be Released Second Half of June

    One of our members here sent me this message the other day:
    (remind me to check my messages more often)

    Hey whats up. I just wanted to let you know since you are the owner of the site. I work for a corporate at&t store. Today we all recieved an email from the regional manager saying that there is an event happening between june and july, and that we are not suppose to get any time off in that period. There were also some hints about a new phone being released. My guess is the 2nd version of the iphone will be releasing between those dates. Just wanted to let you know, maybe you can share with the rest of the peeps!
    This matches what many other sites are also reporting so get ready to run out, stand in line, and buy the new iPhone mid June. Don't worry your favorite AT&T employees wont be on vacation between June 15 - July 12 -- they'll be there waiting to take your hard earned $
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