• [Rumor] 3g iPhone Will Make You Broke

    RUMOR TIME So one of our members here had an interesting conversation with the manager of his local AT&T Store.

    Bad news people, i just talked to the manager of the local AT&T store that i know personally and he said. There WILL NOT be any discount for new 2yr contract prices, the 8GB will most likely be $600 and the 16GB will be $700. Also he did tell me the release date, and it will be June 15th. So any hopes of getting the new phones cheap is all of forgotten...sorry to bare the bad news but i had to inform you all.

    There you all go
    Uh oh I hope his manger buddy is clueless, those prices are STEEP.

    and more of the same, sounds scary

    Well well well.. I had to go to the apple store today cause my phone was being freaky-deaky....

    I asked about the 3g phones and, well, I was told the same story... With the exception of the release date....

    I was told 599 and 699 respectively.... But he said there has been rumblings of a price drop within the first few months, like the first gen. iPhone
    More info
    hey so i work at ATT also, and iphone 2 is prob going to be coming out on june 27th. the guy that posted previsouly about the june 15th date is right about us being blocked from taking vacation from the 15th on. However, we will be taking a training prior to the iphone launch. The same thing happeend last year with the release of the first iphone. We were told we cant vacation from the middle of june until the middle of july. and we had a week training, and then the last friday of the month... IPHONE LAUNCHED. anyway thats all jus fyi
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