• Live TV and Video Chat on iPhone 3g

    So if you haven't already heard, there is going to be a 3g iPhone released sometime in June, what you may or may not know is there are some cool features expected.

    Gizmodo is reporting that there will be both mobile TV and Video Chat on the new iPhone on the Swisscom network.

    For those of us here in the US on AT&T we can expect similar features. While we can already watch live TV through awesome third party apps like Orb, you need to have special software installed and be on a wifi network. With the 3g iPhone coming out Orb will most likely work decently over 3g, but I'm looking forward to AT&Ts mobile TV service.

    AT&Ts current mobile TV service is a step above all the competitors here in the US. TV is about the same all around, watch the latest news, shows, and sports at any time. What AT&T does better is movies with their movie channel letting you watch full movies over your phone.

    On the other side of things videoconferencing seems exciting as well. With a little camera on the front the 3g iPhone will allow you to not only hear your friends, but see them as well while having a conversation (if they have a cool video chat capable phone of course .

    edit: videoconferencing might not be on the US model, apparently AT&T has a history of neutering video chat capable devices
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