• Tap that iPhone - Use this Stick

    The iPod Touch/iPhone PEN by BrightonNET is a slick product which acts as a stylus for your device.

    It also has a clever bendable tip which allows for easy scrolling/dragging on the iPhone as well. That's a smart idea, BrightonNET.

    No word on pricing or availability yet, but BrightonNET does retail their products on Amazon, so you'll probably see it there when they release it for retail.

    Also notable - BrightonNET should probably hire a new translator, heh, check out these effective warnings from their site:

    • Please do not strongly beat a screen. It cause the trouble.
    • We cannot take responsibility for all about the trouble of the main body at the time of this product use.
    • Please be careful to opening a letter time of a package and openings after opening a letter enough.
    • (Please do not touch it with a hand, a finger.)
    via Gizmodo
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