• New York Times Squashes iPhone Nano Rumors

    The New York Times said today that they have information that points to Apple not releasing an iPhone nano. In the report they reference "people who have been briefed on Apple's plans," just the next generation iPhone, expected to launch this summer.

    The Times points to the fact that this 'nano' phone would not necessarily be any cheaper to produce or sell, and that a smaller screen size would make porting apps difficult. The same report also mentions something we've heard a bunch of times before, that MobileMe will be overhauled, possibly be free, and may introduce cloud syncing.

    If you're unfamiliar with the many rumors regarding the presumed iPhone nano (which the Times says will never come to fruition), check out the article from a few days ago that rounds up a majority of the rumors. I've got to to side with the NY Times on this. I really don't think that Apple would be planning a phone with a different screen size, particularly for a development reason. One of Apple's biggest strengths is knowing that any app in the app store will look correct on your current device. Even when the iPhone 4 changed resolution, it was doubled exactly, allowing developers an easy time in updating their applications. Another screen size just wouldn't make sense.

    NY Times
    image: technabob.com
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