• Real Shot of the 3g iPhone?

    Edit: This pic has turned out to be a prank check out this post for where the image came from.

    An anonymous tipster has sent us an image of the 3g iPhone. When I say anonymous I mean it; the email is completely untraceable sent through the dizum service.

    According to our source this is a shot of the rear of the new iPhone taken at a major Apple store (I'm leaving the store location out to respect the source's anonymity, if you're smart you can probably make a very good guess to the location ) on Saturday. At possible risk of employment he/she has provided us with this photo because he/she feels that the iPhone community should have a little hint of what's coming. Note: This is not an iPhone case, this is the iPhone.

    Check it check it check it out.

    of course we have no way to tell if this is a real shot or an elaborate prank, but just in case it is the real thing, I am posting this thread

    thanks to mr. or ms. anonymous
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