• iPhone Patent Lays Out Possible New Features

    Aidan Malley at AppleInsider dug up and dug through a recent Apple iPhone patent that describes many possible future features for the iPhone. Including many that we are already expecting in the 3g iPhone expected to be announced by Mr. Jobs on June 9th.

    If you want to know what else is in store for the future of the iPhone take a flip through the 371 page patent here. You will recognize every feature of the iPhone you currently know and love, but with enough digging you'll stumble upon some interesting ones.

    Lucky for us Aidan already did! Of course Apple has no obligation to include all these neat new features, but if they want to nothing is going to stop them. We hope to see many of these in 3g iPhone release.

    Possible features that would probably implemented on the original iPhone via a firmware update (if implemented at all of course):
    • Instant Messaging
    • Flash and Quicktime in Safari
    • A blogging client
    • Java software downloads
    • MMS messaging
    • Voice activated commands
    • Voice Recording

    Hardware changes expected for the 3g iPhone:
    • GPS module with geo-tagging
    • Optical sensor for videoconferencing
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