• 3g iPhone Will Have GPS. Wont Have GPS.

    Two "Sources." One day. Minutes apart.

    Basically the 3g iPhone will have GPS included. The 3g iPhone also will not have GPS included.

    TUAW today has learned today that the 3g iPhone will have GPS and a black shiny case. Of course we have been expecting GPS this entire time and nearly every publication on the web agrees that yes, the 3g iPhone will have GPS.

    TUAW has also confirmed that all of the original details of the 2nd generation iPhone that Engadget originally repoted are true. These include:

    -About the same size and shape
    -Back case no longer metal
    -Chrome buttons
    -Smoother edges
    -Headphone jack not recessed
    -Approximately same size/resolution screen

    So celebrate, the 2nd generation iPhone will have those features you have been expecting. Unless . . .

    Macscoop reported today that one of their trusted sources told them that the 3g iPhone will of course be 3g but will not have GPS. Yup, the 2nd generation iPhone will basically be the same as the 1st generation with quicker internet speeds and less battery life.

    Let me summarize everything for you. The 2nd generation iPhone is coming sometime soon. We expect Steve Jobs to announce it June 9th. You can not buy the iPhone from Apple.com right now. It will have 3g. For everything else, choose whichever trusted source you'd like, sit back, relax, and enjoy the news and rumors that we'll be keeping you up to date on for another few days.
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