• Buy Your 3g iPhone Today. Really. No I'm kidding. Yes you can buy it

    I wont lie. I'm a bit bored tonight. I also have a headache. This was going to be a 3g iPhone image roundup thread but I got sidetracked. Bear with me for a bit and you can buy your very own 3g iPhone, or at least make yours appear to be a 3g iPhone.

    The other day Natbyte hunted me down and sent me a nice sparkly photo of the 3g iPhone. Or what appears to be the rear case for the 3g iPhone. An empty shell.

    Of course we can all recognize this as the famous 3g iPhone due the iPod Observer's original posting of the following image.

    Which was later decided to be just a case thanks to a user at winandmac revealing the following image which is just a case for the current iPhone and openly available on the streets of Hong Kong.

    Here's the real gem. While going through all 3g iPhone pictures thus far for a 2nd gen iPhone image roundup article I was thinking about writing I noticed that winandmac had made a second edit to their original post.

    You can buy your 3g iPhone er case today! For the one time price of $3,000!!!! If you just can't wait anymore, and have a ridiculous amount of money lying around pick up yours right here.

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