• UbiSoft to Build iPhone Games

    Some big names have already confirmed that they are going to be releasing iPhone version of their games (maybe as soon as Monday). Now UbiSoft has announced in an interview with casualgaming that they will join the ranks of companies developing for the iPhone including Sega, EA and Popcap.

    When asked
    Are you looking at Apple products as potential Games For Everyone platforms?
    UbiSoft Responded
    At the minute, we’re only showing DS and Wii games, but we’ll be working on all other platforms. We don’t want to keep it too narrow. We’ll be making games not only on PC, PS3 and 360, but on iPhone and iPod touch as well. When it comes to the mobile industry, Ubisoft sister company Gameloft looks after that and I’m not in charge of it. They will be borrowing more from the Games For Everyone range.
    [casualgaming via pcretailmag]
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