• iPhone 3G is OFFICIAL and $199 - flush headphones, black, metal buttons, same screen

    Apple announced today the 3G iPhone.

    Photos from Engadget, Mac Rumors, and Gizmodo:

    Some features:
    built in GPS
    black back, new design
    5 hours 3G talk time
    7 hours video playback
    10 hours 2G talk time
    300 hours standby

    I'll be updating as we go.

    $199 for the 8GB model, $299 for the 16GB model - launch date is July 11

    edit: Apple and AT&T stores are confirming that the 3G iPhone will be sold for $299 and $399 without contract (for 8 and 16GB, respectively), and $199 and $299 with a contract.

    edit again: source proved to be completely false, sorry.

    The 16 GB model will also come in white.

    The Apple store, which was down earlier, is now showing pictures and has the page up for the 3G iPhone.

    Apple has posted more pictures in their gallery for the 3G iPhone.

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