• MobileMe - .Mac is gone, Push to Mac's, iPhone, and web is here

    .Mac, Apple's nice but relatively outdated service which gave users the ability to sync their contacts, calendars, photos, and files online, is now being changed to MobileMe.

    The service runs $99/yr, with new users getting a free 60 day trial. MobileMe lets you access and manage your email, contacts, calendar, photos, and files at me.com (which still isn't quite up it seems). Push technology means when you update your contacts, calendars, or email on your iPhone, web, or Mac, the updates are automatically and immediately pushed out to all your other MobileMe devices.

    The web interface for the MobileMe suite is an absolutely gorgeous use of AJAX and current web technologies. Check out some screenies:

    Of course this is newer, nicer, stuff, so you'll need Safari 3 or Firefox 2 for the Mac, and Safari 3, Firefox 2, or Internet Explorer 7 for Windows. The service comes with 20GB of storage.

    Existing .Mac folks will automatically be upgraded - you'll keep your @mac.com email address, and also be given an @me.com email as well - you can use both.

    I'm sure there will be an update coming soon for OS X to integrate this even further with the iLife suite.

    Nice job, Apple.
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