• AppStore Thursday! Here's the apps you'll be seeing.

    Devs are receiving emails letting them know the NDA for AppStore stuff drops tomorrow morning (Thursday) at 9am. (This is still a RUMOR). Looks like we'll have a full day of looking at the AppStore before those iPhone 3G's are available.

    Once that happens, and most likely the 2.0 firmware will be available then as well, developers can start talking about their apps publicly, and news sites/blogs can start posting.

    If you are selling an iPhone app through the AppStore, let us know! Front page of the site has our tip email link - use that to hit us up with some video, screenshots, and descriptions of your app for us to post. We'd love to hear about it.

    So who do we already know is going to be posting in the AppStore?

    Here's a list:

    Mauvila Software will be launching at least 3 new apps.

    OmniTuner is a full featured tuner for a variety of instruments. especially guitars, with some amazing graphics and a great UI. You may know it as its jailbroken version, Funiculus. This premium version adds a fretboard mode and a clef mode for full featured, precise tuning with tons of visuals. $4.99. (photo above)

    TyroTuner runs off the same engine as OmniTuner, but is the light version. Play your axe straight into the iPhone mic, and let TyroTuner auto pick up the correct note and pitch, and tune up. $2.99. (photo above)

    Dactyl is another remake of a game you may know from Installer, with some gorgeous graphics and the same great game play. $0.99.

    Freeverse will be launching at least 3 games, with a dozen planned by September.

    Initial titles include Wingnuts Moto Racer, Big Bank Sudoku and Jared: Butcher of Song, with future apps to include BigBang Chess, 3D Card Games and Flick Sports.

    Magnetism Studios will be launching 3 apps.

    CityTransit has bus and subway maps for NYC now, with Boston and SanFran on the way. $3. TileSudoku is a $5 drag and drop numbers game. Mr. Shuffle "lets you assemble faces from cartoon elements or "touch up" your iPhone pictures" $3.

    MajicJungle is bringing us Chopper, which is a side scrolling helicopter game and seems a little high priced at $7.99.

    PeltedSoftware has a good looking BattleShip clone, and Jerry Beers is releasing a $4.99 PocketBible.

    Of course we've heard about Loopt, a mobile social-networking site and application, using GPS and social networking via your iPhone, as well as other mobile phones. AOL is releasing their AOL Radio with hundreds of channels. NetNewsWire is a brilliant RSS reader - I'm personally excited about this one.

    Both TypePad and Twitter will have available clients at launch as well.

    Again, if you've got an app coming out not on this list, let us know!

    Does look like a good list, folks. Look for the AppStore tomorrow morning.
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