• Fun Things to do While Standing in the iPhone Line

    1.) Browse MMi from your iPhone, we have a rockin new iPhone style.
    2.) Strip. The people around you may or may not (they wont) appreciate it.
    3.) Make fun of those not standing in line.
    4.) Make fun of those standing in line.
    5.) Listen to music on your old iPhone
    6.) Daydream about browsing at 3g speeds.
    7.) Space out. You forgot why you are in line.
    8.) Make friends with all the geeks surrounding you.
    9.) Make fun of all the geeks (you need to learn how to accept yourself).
    10.) Pay people passing by to buy you coffee.
    11.) Lead a chant.
    12.) Hand out our AWESOME MMi FLIER that you downloaded and then printed out hundreds of copies.

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