• At&T activation servers go down

    Well it was bound to happen, many stores, both AT&T and Apple, are experencing extremely slow or no activations at all. Reports from Engadet are saying the stores are sending the people home with their new phones so they can activate it from there....which i find very interesting.

    10:32AM ET: Indeed, depending on what employee you talk to, in-store activation via iTunes is either "slow" or "down" -- but either way, they're handing you the phone unactivated, which needs to be completed by connecting to iTunes from the comfort of your home. Beware: if you're upgrading, your old SIM will be immediately bricked, so you'll be phoneless until you complete the activation!
    If you look at the screens, you can see the one crashed lol

    Follow the story live @ engadet
    iPhone 3G international launch lineblog - Engadget


    One of our own members, who happens to work for AT&T just sen tus this info:

    I work for AT&T. The reason iTunes is running slow is due to the amount of users accessing at once. Apple is suppose to be working on fixing the issue. I know this because my POS system from AT&T is displaying this as a global message.
    So there you have an official confirmation, thanks to our member sol2345
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