• iDay OFFICIAL Details Revealed! 500 iPhones per Apple store, 50 customers in at 5:50.

    I just heard from editwizard after speaking with the concierge at our local mall some of Apple's details on how the launch will go!
    • There will be numbered wristbands distributed for the iPhone.
    • There will be 3 colors of wristbands and they will be numbered 1-500 (yes 500!!!!!).
    • 24hour security will be in place starting Thursday.
    • Stanchions will be outside at 6pm Thursday.
    • There will be a restroom(s) brought in for access to the outside entrance where the line will be.
    • The line will form at the entrance of the mall closest to the outside of the Apple store.
    • Wristbands will be distributed in the line at 5pm on Friday.
    • The first 50 customers will be let into the Apple Store at 5:50pm and then more groups of 50 following that until the store closes that night.

    Not sure if all Apple stores will be getting the full 500 iPhones, but ours definitely will. Looks like the lucky first 50 folks get in right before 6, at 5:50...
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