• 3 Million iPhone Activations Overwhelm AT&T

    People are going to be TRASHING at&t for the next several days. Like many others, I'm still waiting on my activation to complete. At 11:30pm EST I initiated my activation thru iTunes. I'm replacing one of my current phones that is no longer under contract so all I needed to do was add the data plan and accept the terms.

    Everything seemed to process fine up until the final screen which stated: "Your activation requires additional time to complete. You will receive an email confirmation sent to (my email address) once your activation is complete."

    I received an email almost immediately that 'AT&T is now processing your activation." After waiting 30mins with no final confirmation, I called at&t. At this point the operator indicated it may be from 1 to 3 hours for it to process. So I decided to give it until morning.

    About 8:30am I called at&t again and was on hold for 1 hour before getting thru. I could hear in the background all the operators apologizing to other customers. The operator checked my account and removed a couple of features that were going to be incompatible with iPhone anyways and thought that might help the holdup. She also said that "there were 3 million phones purchased last night and everyone is trying to activate them at the same time and that has caused the system to bottom out." She did confirm that there should be nothing at this point holding my account up other than the overwhelming activation traffic.

    We're now at over 12 hours since initiating the activation and still no email from at&t. It will be interesting to see how they spin this problem and how widespread it proves to be.

    I'm a patient person but this is rough!
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