• Synchronica Brings MS Exchange Support To IPhone

    Need Microsoft Exchange support before the iPhone makes your wish list? Fear not, Apple may not be supporting the popular corporate mail system from Redmond, but Synchronica, a UK mobile sync company, announced last week that its Mobile Gateway 3.0 service supports Microsoft Exchange Server/iPhone synchronization.

    Mobile Gateway 3.0 allows iPhone users to access corporate e-mail accounts without the need to open firewalls or install additional server software — tasks the average IT admin isn’t going to look kindly upon.

    Mobile Gateway 3.0 relies on Microsoft’s secure Outlook Web Access to retrieve e-mail from corporate Exchange servers and deliver them directly to iPhone’s built-in email client. The service also reportedly allows users to take advantage of the iPhone’s Address Book integration.

    Of course you won’t have access to client side junk mail filters for other fairly basic email services you may take for granted, but at least it’s possible to use the iPhone with MS Exchange accounts.

    However, Mobile Gateway isn’t cheap. A five seat license will set you back a cool 1,200 Euro (about 1,650 USD).

    -compiler/wired blogs
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