• New Apple Update for iPhone - v1.0.2

    Apple released the new 1.0.2 update today. It's not yet known what impact this will have on existing mods...but it is a full update, with a huge 91.2mb download for the full restore. I will post any learnings...

    The update requires agreement to a new Terms of Service (TOS) as well as a brief description of what it does. I will upload the TOS word doc to MMi in case anyone is interested in the legal ramifications of the upgrade...
    iPhone Software
    Version 1.0.2

    • Bug fixes

    This version of the software includes bug fixes and supersedes all previous versions.

    For feature descriptions and complete instructions, see the users guide for your iPhone at:

    For more information about iPhone, go to:

    To troubleshoot your iPhone, or to view additional support information go to:
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