• Make your own ringtones (that work in iTunes) with iRing App

    The good folks over at apple gazette pulled together an app for OS X that converts mp3's to be used in iTunes (.m4r or .m4a extensions). It currently works with 7.4.0, but not with 7.4.1.

    From Their Site:
    Today, I’m very happy to introduce Apple Gazette’s very first piece of software. A very simple Automator built application based on this tutorial for converting AAC files into ringtones for the iPhone.

    The application is free to download. You are using it at your own risk. Please read the Read Me file before using the application. iTunes MUST BE closed for it to work. If iTunes is open, it will not add the file to the Ringtones tab on your iPhone.

    If you have any problems with it, let me know in the comments below, and I’ll try to fix them. I’ve tried this on both an Intel and PPC Mac, running Tiger, and it works just fine.

    Click Here to download.


    UPDATE: iTunes has released iTunes 7.4.1. If you update the .m4r work around no longer works. I suppose the only reason for the update was to kill this. We’ll see how long it takes for someone to figure out the new format.

    For now, if you update to iTune 7.4.1, iRing won’t work.
    I found this in the comments of Joe Maller's Page. It worked for me...i'm going to try this en masse now...
    There is a new (manual) method for getting ringtones to show up in itunes:
    Robet Ross | Sep 08, 2007 10:25 am | link

    Here’s my guess…mind you, just a guess.

    This assumes you are starting with an AAC file that your renamed from M4a to M4r

    There is a ringtone type assigned to iTunes “.M4r,” executing this ringtone type does a few things. The first time you ever execute one, it adds a Ringtone directory to your iTunes Music directory structure IF you have iTunes managing your music.

    It also adds the ringtone to the Ringtone tab within the iPhone section of iTunes.

    In 7.4.0, that’s all that was needed. The M4r files synced back and forth to your iPhone.

    In 7.4.1 iTunes made the .M4r extension useful for “registering” a file as a ringtone, but also made it “incompatible” with syncing.

    What file extension can ALWAYS be synced to any iPod like device? .M4a

    Thus renaming the .M4r files that are now REGISTERED and LOCATED IN RINGTONES DIRECTORY to a .M4a extension bypasses the incompatibilty error trap that was added in 7.4.1

    Someone please verify these steps and correct them if wrong…since I think folks will benefit from a stepwise procedure. Lettered steps are ones i’ve used for cleanliness an may not be required

    1. Confirm iTunes is set to import to AAC 128
    2. If the “to-be” rington is not currently AAC, convert it by right clicking
    3. Delete the new aac file from the library ONLY
    4. Locate the file and Move it to your desktop
    5. Rename the file from xxxx.m4a to xxxx.m4r
    6. Double Click on the file
    7. Return to iTunes and confirm it is now in the iPhone ringtones tab, but no not Sync
    8. Locate the file in your iTunes Music/Ringtones Directory
    9. Rename file from xxxx.m4r to xxxx.m4a
    10. Sync!!! All should be well.

    One specific confirmation request for the community. Pleae confirm that there is NO NEED to double click on the newly renamed M4a file located in the Ringtone directory. It seems this messes things up, but I’ve seen it listed several times before.
    Here's a snapshot of my ringtones showing up and uploading [i]in iTunes[/] (don't make fun of my A-Team ringtone, that's just alphabetically first in my list ):
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