• Blackberry Messenger May Be Coming to iOS

    According to "multiple trusted sources," Research in Motion is poised to bring its extremely popular Blackberry Messenger (lovingly shortened to BBM) to both the iOS and Android platforms. Boy Genius Report reports that it could come to Android within the year, and iOS would follow after due to Apple's more restrictive app-approval process.

    The report also mentions that the software might actually come to both of these platforms for free, but RIM has not settled on a definite pricing plan, and may move to a one-time or a recurring pricing plan. BGR adds that "it might seem strange" for the company to bring one of the main selling points of their Blackberry devices to its rival platforms, but RIM might be trying to bring official software to these platforms, instead of copycat applications that currently occupy both OS's app stores.

    It seems that BBM for iOS and Android will be a "stripped down" version of the software, and users will still need a Blackberry device for all the features of BBM. But there's a potential that the if RIM provides excellent versions of the app, they could "own the entire messaging app category on every major smartphone OS."

    Again, there is no word on timing at this point, but according to the report, the software is, in fact, in the works.

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