• Ipod Touch Easy Jailbreak

    Wanna set your iPod touch free and install tons of wacky apps on it but don't want to muck around with the Terminal? Now you don't have to with the debut of two new apps that will jailbreak your iPod Touch from the comfort of your Intel Mac or Windows machines (yes, there are iPod touch users running Windows).

    iJailBreak is an AppleScript app that takes all the fuss out of jailbreaking. At the moment it only works on Intel Macs, so our PPC friends are out of luck. Oh, and I should mention it was apparently written by two 13 year olds, which I normally wouldn't point out but it is featured prominently on their website.

    touchFree is a Windows app that'll do the same thing, only on Windows (shocking, I know).

    Both apps are free, though I imagine both will void your iPod touch's warranty, so run 'em at your own risk. I don't have an iPod touch myself so I haven't tried either. If you have had experiences with either sound off in the comments.

    via tuaw
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