• [Beta] DownBase for OSX

    Digitol has coded up a nice GUI for baseband downgrading. This is intended for those that upgraded a 1.0.2 unlocked phone to 1.1.1 resulting in no phone calls or txts, even after restoring the firmware back to 1.0.2.

    It will not restore your IMEI but it will get your phone's baseband back to a point where anysim will unlock it for use allowing you to make calls and send txts, etc again.

    First you need to use iTunes to get your iphone's f/w to 1.0.2. Then you use app tap and installer to get ssh and sftp running. Upload the files in this archive (besides anysim) to /usr/bin/ on your iphone & chmod them to 775. Make sure you are connected to your wifi network and the autolock feature on the iphone is turned off. Enter in your iphone's ip address to DownBase and click downgrade. The process should take under 5 mins. When complete there will be a pop up telling you to run anysim (included in the archive). Install it and run it and your phone. You should once again be able to make calls and such things running 1.0.2.

    Download DownBase 1.1 here

    If we choose to continue development a future release of DownBase may upload the required files for you and restore your IMEI as well.
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