• Skyfire 3.0 Brings iPad Features to the iPhone

    Skyfire is quite possibly the best app available for watching Flash videos on an iOS device. The iPad version received a substantial update not too long ago, but the iPhone and iPod Touch versions have remained largely unchanged until now. Skyfire 3.0 has just been released and with it comes a host of new features that were previously only available with the iPad version.

    The lower menu bar or Skybar has been totally revamped to act and look more like the iPad version. The Skybar now disappears when you scroll on a webpage to give you more room to view the content on that page. A tiny tab at the bottom of the screen allows you to bring back the menu bar right away, however. Skyfire’s main attraction though, has always been its ability to play Flash videos. Video data is now compressed up to 85% so streaming video should now be faster than ever. This version also brings with it new social networking integration as well.

    The new Facebook QuickView feature gives you quick access to your Facebook page directly on the lower Skybar menu. You can also access news feeds, profiles, friends, your inbox, events and places as well. A dedicated “Like” button is also included on the new Skybar menu. The Twitter QuickView button keeps you up to date on the latest trending topics, and lets you update your status and location without having to leave Skyfire. The Fireplace Feed Reader lets you filter feeds to only include links to your friends web pages on Facebook.

    Until Apple and Adobe resolve their differences regarding Flash on iOS devices, Skyfire will be the go to app when you want to watch Flash videos on an iDevice. Hulu may still be block Skyfire from streaming free content to non-subscribing users, but with so much more video content available online now, Hulu support is hardly needed. I must admit that I really enjoy using Skyfire to keep up to date with the latest episodes of The Daily Show every morning.

    Source: Skyfire
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