• Rumor: Apple Considering Aluminum Back for iPhone 5

    Apple is believed to be weighing its options with regard to dumping the present iPhone 4 glass back design in favor of an aluminum back reminiscent of the very first iPhone that debuted almost four years ago. If the change takes place, it will likely happen ahead of the anticipated iPhone 5 launch this summer.

    Based on the information possessed by the folks at Taiwan's Economic Daily News, Apple is pushing ahead with an iPhone 5 design that is remarkably similar to the iPod touch. Rumors aside, logic would suggest that Apple may dump their use of glass in favor of aluminum to reduce both the weight of the iPhone 5 and to increase its resistance to scratches. As we've been reading extensively in recent weeks, Apple is apparently taking "scratch resistant" surfaces and coatings very seriously. Consequently, the iPhone 5 will probably be the most scratch-proof handset in the five generation existence of the iPhone.

    Although the Taiwanese report is - for some reason - generating hype primarily for the handset's rumored aluminum backing, the same report also dishes on something that - if true - would seemingly be of much greater interest to the majority of iPhone fans and users. According to Taiwan's Economic Daily News, the iPhone 5 will deliver the same A5 processor as the iPad 2, a development that will deliver an entirely new capacity for speed to the handset.

    Source: Taiwan's Economic Daily News (from Macotakara and Apple Insider).
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