• 1.1.2 is now available

    1.1.2 is out.... Wait before updating, until the jailbreak and unlock status is confirmed working again!

    Thanks to all who sent this in to me...


    Whats new in 1.1.2

    - Baseband firmware is now 04.02.13_G (Was 04.01.13_G in 1.1.1)

    - Entering DFU mode is disabled. This was used to downgrade in 1.1.1

    - After restoring with 1.1.1 firmware, just when its about to done, iTunes gives off error 1015

    - *#307# and prefs:// still works and you can still access Safari

    - jailbreakme.com now shows only a blue dot (it recognizes a tiff, and now displays as a broken one)

    - When you insert a non-ATT sim card and try to access the phone function, it will automatically crash

    - The phone now detects if your using a TurboSIM

    - You can receive calls after you upgrade when using TurboSIM but once you answer, you can't hang up as the phone function part of the phone has disappeared

    - Independence does not work. When connected, you get the message "Unsupported version of phone firmware installed. Detected version is 1.1.2"

    - When connected to iTunes 7.5 ONLY, it will indicate your battery status beside your iPhone icon

    - Adding a symbolic link does not work before or after updating

    - iToner still works
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