• NEWS FLASH! AT&T Stores get iPhone Sales Training Workbooks [PICS]

    All right, our insisder at AT&T is getting us images of the iPhone Sales Training Workbook which apparently came in just today. Check the photos out!

    If you can't read it, the text on the image with writing is:
    Web Based Training
    The iPhone Device course emphasizes the device itslef, including data features. It follows the format of "Say It, Show It, and Sell It" and includes the most apporpriate ways to talk about iPhone applications. Most importantly, you'll be able to "test drive" iPhone through a set of interactive simluations, and become more confident during the selling process. You'll be able to demonstrate your mastery of the course through successful completion of a 15 question scenario based test (and you can take the test as many times as necessary to achieve a passing score).
    • Learning Edge Course Number PRD 130
    • Course Length: 25 minutes
    • Available: ___________ (Write this date in when you learn it.)
    Use the following notes section to jot down your own phrasing for describing how the major iPhone data features work.
    Added two more pictures. Text quotes as far as I can tell:

    How Email Helps Sell iPhone
    How Email Helps Sell iPhone
    Offer these main features to potential iPhone customers
    Feature: Rich formatting in email Description: Create email messages with more than just simple text
    Feature: Support for IMAP and POP3 Description: Access the most popular types of email accounts
    Feature: Yahoo! Push Email Description: View email that is delivered automatically from Yahoo!
    Feature: Preview(?) photos inline Description: View photos in the body of the message
    The third column is Benefits, but I can't read it in this photo.

    How Safari Helps Sell iPhone
    With its advanced Safari browser, iPhone lets you see any web page... designed to be seen, then easily zoom in by simply tapping on the... display with your finger.
    How Safari Helps Sell iPhone
    Offer these main features to potential iPhone customers
    Feature: See full versions of websites Description: See web pages the same way they look on your computer Benefit: By using the same... on every Mac... websites, which are ... WAP sites.
    Feature: Zoom in to what you want to see Description: Use multi-touch to zoom in to a specific area of the page Benefit: Once you're on a website you... interesting, you can zoom on...
    Feature: View pages in landscape mode Description: Turn the iPhone for landscape mode Benefit: For a wide-view of... on its side... change and..
    Feature: Easy navigation Description: Use your finger to scroll through a page Benefit: Scroll through any page... finger is like... finger is a pointing device...
    Working on getting more info. Big props to our source!

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