• iGiki.com unveils games for iPhone

    iGiki.com has announced that it will release several games designed for Apple's iPhone around the same time that the highly anticipated device launches in later this month. The games are developed in Adobe Flash CS3 and are modified for use without a mouse. iGiki.com's games are separated into GikiSingles, GikiPacks, and GikiMinis. iGiki.com has priced the Arcade GikiPack and Brain KikiPack at $2 for three months, which includes GikiPods with the subscription. GikiMinis are free, and the GikiSingles are available for $1 each for three month periods.

    GikiSingles include iTrek, challenging players to pilot a space ship to various locations while racing against the clock; HangMan, a version of the classic word game designed for iPhone; Outer Wars, a 3D shooter enabling players to fly into the outer galaxies; Sink or Swim, challenging players to help save overboard crewment from sharks by throwing lifejackets; and zBlast, an action shooter that boasts intense challenges.

    GikiPacks are remakes of classic arcade games which include iTetri, OnPop, Squiditch, and EuroDarts. GikiMinis are free games that introduce iPhone users to the service, and the company is offering mobile mini magazines titled GikiPods.

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