• Agenda for tomorrow's WWDC found with some iPhone tidbits

    I hope this turns out to be true.

    • new secret features:
    • iWork and iLife integration,
    • .mac integration (iDisk access, Mail, documents on-line, etc. work on)
    • Demo new features
    • iPhone accessories, prices
    • Demo accessories
    • available in US Apple (without contract) and (with contract) net curtain, prices at&t
    • Europe as promised in the autumn

    Without or With contract and that sounds like you need the contract for the internet features.

    Also sounds like he's going to discuss the At&t prices too. Maybe that will answer our data plan questions.

    That' s it, but there' s one more thing�, new product [email protected]:
    • 10 multitouch screen,
    • 30 GB Flash memory,
    • iPhone user surface,
    • 8 hours of battery,
    • no connections except dock Connector,
    • resemble functions as iPhone, except mobile phone, but iChat
    • integrated iSight
    • Demo [email protected]

    The End

    The iPhone at home sounds pretty cool too. It would be everything but the phone. Guess it would work with WIFI.

    Now I know I've got to try to listen in.

    You can read all about it here:

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