• No NFC in iPhone 5?

    One of the biggest rumors being thrown around for next generation iDevices, particularly the iPhone 5 is that Apple is planning adding Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, which would allow iPhone users to shop and pay at retail locations using their phone, without the need for cash or card. According to new reports however, this technology has been scrapped, at least for the iPhone 5.

    According to the Independent, Apple recently let European phone carriers know that the iPhone 5 will not include the previously reported NFC payment system. The reason of the removal of this feature seems to be due to Apple's concern that there is no "standard across the industry" for wave-and-pay systems yet. It had been assumed at this point that Apple would be leading the way in creating its own NFC technology, which could theoretically create a industry standard, compatible with the wildly popular phone.

    It had been previously rumored that NFC would be in the iPad 2, which also came and went. It seems likely now that Apple's next iOS device will also lack the rumored feature, regardless of the previous reports from sources such as Bloomberg.

    The Independent
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