• AT&T Begins Honoring 1000 Free Rollover Minutes Promotion

    Back on February 11th, we reported that AT&T had launched another obvious effort to retain iPhone customers by giving away 1000 free rollover minutes to some iPhone subscribers. Along with many others, yours truly accepted the promotion by texting the word 'yes' to 11113020. Shortly thereafter I received word that my free 1000 minutes would hit my account the following month.

    Today I received the following message (and if you haven't already, there's a good chance you will today or tomorrow if you similarly accepted this promotion last month): "Thank you for your interest in the 1000 rollover offer. The 1000 rollover minutes you requested have been added to your account as a one-time courtesy."

    Despite initial concerns from our readers and those of the tech blogosphere's myriad forums and message boards, the 1000 rollover minutes offered from AT&T represented a legitimate offer from the iPhone carrier - not a clever spamming or phishing effort as some suspected when the original offer began hitting iPhones in early February.
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