• PhotoForge 2 Brings Powerful Image Editing Tools to iOS

    PhotoForge has just released version 2 of its popular image editing app. PhotoForge has always been a capable app and with this update, the developers have harnessed some of power of Photoshop and managed to squeezed it onto the iPhone. PhotoForge 2 ($2.99) has been completely rewritten from the ground up and is compatible with all current iOS devices. Itís also a universal app so you wonít have to buy it more than once to use it on all of your iDevices. This updated version now includes image layers, new filters, access to photo metadata and includes the ability to share your photos with all of your favorite social networking sites.

    • Create new layers from any photo or create an empty layer that can be filled with color. Change the layerís blend mode and opacity, or rotate and transform it. Reorder and change layer visibility with ease. Add a mask to your layer to simply paint away portions you donít want to see.
    • New tools include Curves, Levels, Channel Mixer, Un-Sharp Mask, Sharpen, HSL, White Balance, Shadows & Highlights, Brightness & Contrast, Exposure Adjustment, Noise Reduction, and Vibrance.
    • Over 25 different fully adjustable filters are now available. Use multiple filters to create totally unique FX.
    • Pop! Cam allows you to combine different films, lenses, filters, flashes, processing, papers and frames to create your own customized camera effect. Over 12 million combinations are now possible.
    • All of the familiar tools are still available including: Image Resize, Cropping, Frames and Textures.
    • Edit your photos IPTC and GPS metadata. Easily add GPS location to photos without or repair photos with incorrect info.
    • Share photos with your friends and family by uploading them to Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Drop Box, Picasa, Tumblr or to any FTP.

    The first version of PhotoForge is one of my favorite image editing apps on the iPhone. PhotoForge 2 may actually be a real alternative to using Photoshop when youíre on the go. One small issue has arisen that has some users concerned, however, you must turn on location services in order to use the app. The PhotoForge website is quick to point out, however, that ďApple requires developers to get permission anytime we might need access to any location data, including location data already tagged on your photos. This information is used only to be presented to you on the photo info screen and you are able to edit it to your liking.Ē Hopefully, this issue can be resolved with a future update. Until then, simply enjoy the latest version of PhotoForge, I know I will.

    Source: Photoforge 2
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    1. VaderForce's Avatar
      VaderForce -
      Really nice stuff!.
    1. z3r01's Avatar
      z3r01 -
      I like it but I will wait for the iPad 2 app to appear as I see they don't like making universal apps

      Update: yes it is gonna be universal , just checked the website , will purchase now lol
    1. iPod's Avatar
      iPod -
      Looks promising
    1. z3r01's Avatar
      z3r01 -
      Just purchased and installed and tried, and well it seems like a good app. Would post a pick but MMi app is down still. But it's a great little app
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