• Apple's New Product: iDevotion

    Last month Pope Benedict XVI told the crowd gathered at the Vatican for Palm Sunday that technology couldnít replace God.

    Apparently the Pope has never met Steve Jobs.

    A recent study, done as part of a BBC documentary series, examines how people respond to their favorite brands. The study utilized a team of neuroscientists, to study fanaticís brains. During an MRI test researchers showed Apple fans images of Apple products. Apple fanatics apparently are a cut above the rest.

    The results suggested that Apple was actually stimulating the same parts of the brain as religious imagery does in people of faith.

    As a long time Apple-head the findings donít surprise me. However, these same responses occur for people in more than just Apple fanatics. The BBC series is focusing on ďsuperbrandsĒ not solely the Cult of Jobs.

    Still, devotion to Apple like Oakland California resident Gary Allenís pilgrimage to the companyís first store in Virginia to celebrate the retail chainís 10th anniversary is peculiar.

    But, so is extreme couponing, and building massive stockpiles of goods. Or collecting baseball cards. Or stalking Angelina Jolie.

    Iím tempted to worry about the state of humanity given we can idolize inanimate objects this much. But, Iíd rather obsess over something marginally useful rather than crumble at the knees, into a sobbing mess of tears when Justin Beiber walks on stage during a concert. Or shows up on television. Or comes on the radio.

    Source: BBC
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