• New HTML 5 Authoring Tool Delivers

    HTML 5 has long been touted at the Flash killer. It still hasen't happend, and wont likely happen for some time. But a new HTML 5 authoring tool released last Friday (already the top grossing app in the Mac App Store) is looking to make the changing of guard faster.

    Hype, developed by two ex Apple engineers, takes the often times laborious, and confusing task of coding HTML 5, and turns it into a friendlier WYSIWYG process. It allows users to build animations and interactive websites that rival flash, without any of the browser, and device limitations that accompany flash productions.

    While Flash enables some really great content on the web, thereís lots of people who arenít favorable on it due to its lack of accessibility, CPU usage, or crashes. It isnít appropriate for mobile. To Adobeís credit, theyíve been more active lately in trying to address these issues.- Jonathan Deutsch told the Start Up Foundry
    Based on the WebKit engine, that powers every browser mobile and otherwise (except Mozilla and Internet Explorer), the cross platform fidelity Hype users will be experience is the future of web design. HTML 5 still faces an uphill battle against the widely entrenched Flash community. However, the interface is extremely reminiscent of other animation based production software (After Effect, Motion, Flash, etc). While it lacks certain functions like the ability to incorporate sound, for $30 the functionality, and freedom is incredibly priced. And its familiarity will likely win a number of developers over.

    Go forth. Download. And create.

    Source: Start Up Foundry
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