• iDevice Users = Mobile Video Zombies

    According to video service provider FreeWheel, iDevice users have an insatiable hunger, and the only cure is more mobile videos.

    The company's Monetization Report keeps track of 10 billion video views, and analyzes what platform the videos were watched on (amongst other data). During the first quarter 30% of all videos analyzed were watched on iPods, another 30% were watched on iPhones, and another 20% were watched on iPads. Apples total market share of videos viewed equaled 80% of 10 billion video views. Android made up the remaining 20% of views.

    FreeWheel attributes Apple's dominance in the mobile video market to their dominance in the mobile device market around the world. That may be an obvious statement, but they also noted "Their user base has had these types of devices longest and tends to use them as much for media consumption as for communication."

    Apple's market dominance equates to developers distributing and optimizing their content for iOS devices first. The most popular type of content to be viewed was unsurprisingly news. Also, the highest viewing day for mobile video was Saturday and the lowest views per day occurred on Tuesday.

    It seems odd that people would view more mobile video on their days off. I guess we really are starting to view the world through a 3.5" window.

    Source: CNET
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