• RIM to Challenge iPad 2 with PlayBook Tablet Starting April 19th

    Apple's chunk of the tablet market share may take another hit next month as Research in Motion readies it's answer to the iPad. On April 19th, the popular BlackBerry smartphone maker will introduce (to both US and Canadian buyers) the long-awaited PlayBook tablet through major retailers like Best Buy, which similarly offers first and second generation iPads.

    RIM is promoting the PlayBook as the first-ever “professional-grade” tablet computer. Despite the haughty tone RIM is already striking in its promotional material, the company is not looking to best Apple in terms of pricing. In fact, the PlayBook starts in price at $499 for the 16GB Wi-Fi model. Sound familiar? That's what Apple is charging for the low-end iPad 2 model. Additionally, the PlayBook's 32GB and 64GB models will retail for $599 and $699, respectively.

    According to RIM, the PlayBook boasts a 1GHz dual-core processor, 7” 1024x600 WSVGA capacitive LCD touch screen, and, of course, the Blackberry Tablet OS. Additionally, there are dual cameras (rear and front facing) that can shoot full 1080p footage (yes, that's an improvement over the iPad 2's video potential). Incredibly, the PlayBook's retail push will be even bigger than the iPad's (both generations, too). 20,000 stores in the US and Canada will sell the PlayBook. In addition to the aforementioned Best Buy, you can find the RIM tablet at Staples, RadioShack, Office Depot, AT&T, Sprint Nextel, and Verizon Wireless. By comparison, the iPad 2 is presently available in only 10,000 stores.

    Alkesh Shah, an analyst at Evercore Partners Inc., tells Bloomberg that RIM may sell 250,000 PlayBooks in its first quarter and more than five million during the full fiscal year. “RIM doesn’t have the cult-like following of Apple so I doubt there will be lines outside the stores,” Shah says. “But feedback has been positive from people who’ve seen it and I think it’ll be a product that starts with slower sales than the iPad 2 but may exceed expectations by year-end.”

    Source: Bloomberg
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    1. carloser's Avatar
      carloser -
      First of all, i'm a fan neither of APPLE's iOS nor GOOGLE's ANDROID nor RIM's QNX (in Alphabetical Order = AO).
      Second of all, I speak (and write) only two and half languages (the two are French and Italian - AO -, the half is English), so Everyone will forgive me for my syntax errors (I hope).
      Third of all, I like to think as Socrates, who said: "I know only one thing: I know nothing".

      Three months ago (April 2011), I knew that the QNX REALTIME MULTITASKING MULTIPROCESSING SYSTEM (an interest of mine in the nineties when studying the OS who were available at that time) would have been the OS of a touchscreen pad: the Playbook Tablet. I then began to read the forums of the fanboys and arrived to the http://modmyi.com/forums/ipad-news/7...ml#post5937111 where I wrote some lines about QNX.

      I knew that the iPad 1 was a success (albeit it was a toy, they are selling it now for kids), and that people were queuing to buy an iPad 2. Interesting, isn't it?

      People had always been interested by digitizers and touchscrren, but they were too EXPENSIVE: FULL STOP!

      In the seventies, Mr. Steve Jobs went to the Xerox P.A.R.C. (Palo Alto Research Center) and saw a Group of young people making a research about a language they called Smalltalk (now Squeak on the internet) and saw impressive graphics in a world that had none. Some time after, the Macintosh with 128Kbytes of memory was born. He became then an innovator (it was good for all of us, see the iPad 1 in 2010), but he has an handicap: he makes a closed system .

      Now speaking about RIM: in early 2010, Mr. Mike Lazaridis and Mr. Jim Balsillie, suddenly, were up against a very strong team (the iPad team), were selling well their Blackberries, but realized the world had changed: they immediately bought QNX, TAT (The Astonishing Tribe) and so on to cope with the others... But, but, but, we all know that you need time to change and better your platform, and this is what is happening, for smarphones and tablets. They hope, I suppose, not to be obliged to release version 7 but directly QNX version, if they can; this could be their masterstroke.
      To contrast iPads (1 & 2) sales , they promised a super dual-core system with QNX OS ( I hope that they don't change its name): the Playbook came in, not ready for us but brilliant. Reviewers told about lack of in-calendar, in-e-mail and other things, but the QNX's superiority is undeniable.

      Apple told some lies to its customers:
      1) WE DON'T NEED FLASH! ( they don't support FLASH because their OS can't cope with it and they don't want it to seem sluggish),
      2) a 7" pad has no future (I think they must let the customers to determine what's best for them),
      3) and perhaps I'm wrong, but they said that it's the software that drives the hardware: TOTALLY WRONG. If I have not the right hardware, I'll never be able to make a splendid software/App/program or call it like you want.

      Well, it's time for us, customers, techno-freaks, fans, or what you want to call yourself, to tell what should be our new Tablet. Using the binary system, 0 is lack of (or unuseful or less good) and 1 is presence/better and so on (at the end you may sum up to see the results). Let's start the Game (Please note I could be wrong, as certainly I will be, but this is my *IMSO - look at the end for the meaning, as all of you like to use acronyms):
      MANUFACTURER APPLE's iPad 2/RIM's Playbook
      Emotion 1/0
      Security 0/1
      User Interface 1/1
      OS (iOS vs QNX) 0/1
      WHOLE Internet 0/1
      CPU (dual-core) 1/1
      CPU (quad-core) 0/0
      STYLUS 0/0
      USB-Host 0/0
      Mini-USB 0/1
      HDMI 0/1
      CAMERAS 0/1
      Flash Light for Photos 0/0
      Applications 1/0
      SD slot 0/0
      User-replaceable Battery 0/0
      Battery duration 1/0
      Cover-Keyboard 0/0
      PHONE 0/0
      WIFI 1/1
      3G/4G 1/0
      3G/4G in-a-chip 0/0
      Display size 1/1
      Free Business Apps 0/1
      HERE You can add your wishes, nobody must limit You (Neither APPLE nor RIM)
      TOTAL X/X
      *IMSO = In My Strong Opinion.
      Now we may look at the prices they sell their WIFI/64GB Tablet in USA/EUROZONE:
      First of all the TODAY's (2011/06/22) Change:
      1 Euro (EUR) = 1,4406 $ (USD)
      iPad 2/Playbook
      USA USD$ 699/USD$ 699
      EUROZONE (in EURO) EURO 679/EURO 670
      EUROZONE (in DOLLARS) USD$ 978,1339/USD$ 965,1689

      For the iPad 2 prices in Asia, you can look at:
      Cheap Prices of Apple iPad 2 : PinoyMoneyTalk.com – Make Money Online, Stocks, Forex, Mutual Funds Philippines

      At this price people make a rush for Apple Stores...

      By the way, my 5" touchscreen HTC X7500 Advantage (bought in 2007) is working well and I'll probably wait for quad-cores and Android Ice Cream Sandwich before upgrading.
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