• "Little" Remains Between Apple and Music Publishers (Cloud Streaming Deal)

    As the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is approaching and with only two weeks left, Apple is continuing to push on as negotiations for the launch of cloud streaming are underway. With hopes of showcasing this service at the conference, Apple has to make a few major steps to reach their goal. The remaining hurdle is that Apple needs music publishers, labels, and others to sign on with them giving the rights required to start this service. The task isn't easy and without the support of the major companies, the cloud service will not be comprehensive or have a plethora of music material.

    A recent report in CNET states that little separates Apple and the respective companies from striking the deal soon. Apple has tied up licensing negotiations with three of the four largest record companies (EMI Music, Warner Music, Sony Music) and is reported to be signing a deal with Universal Music possibly this week. If these goals are met, Apple will have the recorded music rights to most of the popular music on the market. What's left is the publishing rights. Because of the separation between the recorded licenses and publishing, Apple must quicken the pace if it wishes to have a fully functional cloud streaming service by WWDC.

    Source(s): CNET, iPhone FAQ
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