• Theme Of The Week: Illuminehaz3 HD and Noki

    In this installment, the two themes picked this week are: IlluminHaz3 HD and Noki. To send suggestions or tips regarding new themes or how to write these articles better, email me here.

    Also, I put out a challenge for all you designers out there to create a banner for Theme Of The Week that will be posted as the header every week. I'll be posting new ones every time. but the ultimate choice will be based on what you guys think. Please email me with submissions if you wish and I'll give you a shot. Let me know if you like the header or not each week. Today's header was designed by @_robink. Future Theme of the Week headers should be 444x165px.

    In the following photos, the small box with an arrow near the dock is not part of any of these themes. This is a tweak called AndroidLoader and information about it can be found here.

    IllumineHaz3 HD

    IllumineHaz3 HD brings a dark yet spectacular outlook to your iDevice. With its crisp edges and stellar platform, it brings a unique look and feel to the table. What's great is that it preserves the native iOS interface but makes it more shiny and spectacular. The square icons also make it appear as if you have more room. This gives a more spacious feel to the theme. Even so, the application icons are just the perfect size and are in no way a hinderance to functionality.

    Daniel (@iHaz3), the creator of IllumineHaz3 HD went all out with Font Glow, Weather, Wallpaper, and even compatibility with Lockinfo. The weather widget, which is located in the center of the SpringBoard, can be tweaked to reflect the weather of your area. From the Status Bar to application windows, IllumineHaz3 HD covers it all. It offers full custom UI and is a very comprehensive theme. It is available for both the iPhone/iPod and iPad (separate versions). Find it on Cydia for $2.29.

    Name: IllumineHaz3 HD
    Author: iHaz3
    Version: 1.0 (iPhone/iPod & iPad)
    Price: $2.29

    Upon choosing IllumineHaz3 HD for Theme Of The Week, I was able to get in contact with Daniel (@iHaz3) and ask him a few questions:

    JOSH: How long have you been designing themes for the iDevice? What was your first published theme?
    DANIEL: My first theme goes back a long time. It was called iHaz3-HD. It was remade and renamed Blackhaz3-HD and was published this year.

    JOSH: What gave you the idea to make IllumineHaz3 HD? How'd you come up with the design for the theme?
    DANIEL: No specific reason. I was a huge fan of the original Illumine theme from @iKon so that's where I got my inspiration from.

    JOSH: How long did it take for you to create and submit IlluminHaz3 HD?
    DANIEL: I took about 3 weeks to complete a SD theme that was compatible with all iDevices (including the iPad). The SD will always be compatible on all devices. IllunimeHaz3 HD was a difficult theme to do so it took me about 1 1/2 months to complete.

    JOSH: Do you have any other iDevice projects (themes, tweaks, apps etc.) that you are working on and wouldn't mind speaking about?
    DANIEL: Yes I have two major projects I am working on. One I can talk about. I'm creating an application for Twitter called TwitPanic that will be available for both the iPhone/iPod and iPad. We are in development of the application right now. The other application I am working on I can't speak about it at this current time.

    For more information regarding IllumineHaz3 HD and other developments by Daniel, follow @iHaz3 on Twitter.


    Colorful and somewhat angelic, Noki is a beautiful theme that brings a joyous side to the iDevice. With its glistening white theme, it brings about a lively look and feel. The icons are also redesigned but still resemble the native application icons they represent. All applications have a new launch theme and are stunning. The SpringBoard is organized and the smaller icons give it a roomy feel. More than anything else, the creativity with the new icons is probably the most prominent feature.

    Gab (@FIF7Y), creator of Noki, has a great reputation in regards to iDevice theming and designing. He's also the founder of Theme it, a website that is a dedicated theme store with tons of wonderful themes for iDevices. The Theme it application can be downloaded from Cydia for free. Through the Theme it application, you can view and purchase various themes. Noki is available in SD and HD (retina display) for the iPod/iPhone through the Theme it application for $3.00.

    • Name: Noki (SD or HD)
      Author: FIF7Y
      Price: $3.00
      Available through the Theme it application (downloaded from Cydia)

    I spoke with Gab and asked him a few questions:

    JOSH: How long have you been designing themes for the iDevice? What was your first theme?
    GAB: I really can't remember...it's been a really long time. Probably from the very beginning. And my very first theme was MobilePod.

    JOSH: Theme it is a great place to find and search for new and upcoming themes. As the creator of Theme it, what gave you the idea to start it? When did you initially starting building Theme it and all of its resources?
    GAB: Theme it is a great for any themer, pro and beginners alike. The concept came along last year after hearing that many people, users and themers, wanted a dedicated place for themes. I have cool developers and decided to give it a shot.

    JOSH: In terms of Noki, how long did it take for you to create it? How'd you come up with the design for Noki? Was there an inspiration of some sort?
    GAB: It came from an icon set I'm making for the Mac. I sent a preview to one of my testers, @JiXeRMDR, and he said, "That would be great for iPhone too." It started from there.

    JOSH: Do you have any projects (themes, tweaks, apps etc.) coming up that you'd wish to share about?
    GAB: Well there's Actinium. That's my next iDevice theme coming up (if I ever get to finish it). See this thread on MM about iti: Actinium. I also have a brand new FIF7Y.com website upcoming. Plus a ton of other goodies that I can't speak about yet.

    For more information about Noki and other developments by Gab, follow @FIF7Y on Twitter.

    Source(s): Daniel @iHaz3), Gab (@FIF7Y), Noki Actinium, Theme it, @_robink
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    Comments 7 Comments
    1. BERNii's Avatar
      BERNii -
      I would like to recommend Colorgasm as it's BEAST!
      But I'll defiantly still check out "Noki"
    1. coolguy742's Avatar
      coolguy742 -
      Noki is amazing, my friend has a white iPhone4 and it goes perfectly! My favorite artists, in no particular order, are toyvan, fif7y, and jahooba. pretty much anything they make I like! my current theme is prestiege-HD lol
    1. punjabi212's Avatar
      punjabi212 -
      Is there a page for Noki on MMI?
    1. The Guz's Avatar
      The Guz -
      These are two good looking themes.
    1. Eagleye's Avatar
      Eagleye -
      Noki looks great! I would love to see that on a white iPhone... keepin it sweet and simple. Kudos to Josh Tucker for these awesome interviews he keeps getting. I love knowing what the developers are up to and a little more info about their products.
    1. RileyFreeman's Avatar
      RileyFreeman -
      no offense to the designer because it is nice. but when you see the dreamboard themes that are out there, i dont know how you call anything theme of the week thats not a dreamboard theme (right now)
    1. smsjrtato's Avatar
      smsjrtato -
      both awesome themes. great job fif7y & ihaz3.
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