• Photofon: Strictly Pictures

    The creators of Echofon, a popular Twitter application for iPhone, iPad, Firefox, and Mac have released a new application today called Photofon. Available on the iPhone, Photofon strips excess tweets from your timeline and only displays tweets with photos. Photofon lets you view photo tweets from those you follow without having to sift through the rest.

    The interface is pretty simple, with the entire timeline full of photos. What's cool about Photofon is it not only displays the photos, but also shows them blown up - more like the original photo. No more clicking the links to view a photo at its full size. You have the option to favorite or retweet a photo tweet, and information about who tweeted and what else was said is displayed in plain view. It's a unique method of viewing Twitter photos from your timeline without all the other random tweets.

    One issue is that Photofon's features are limited with only the ability to favorite or retweet. However, as it was just released today, Echofon should be implementing new features and capabilities in the near future.

    It's available for free in the App Store right now so give it a shot! Post here on your thoughts and experiences.

    Name: Photofon
    Author: Echofon
    Price: Free

    Source(s): Photofon
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