• US Uncut Planning June Protests at Apple Stores

    Protesters may be coming soon to an Apple Store near you. According to reports published in recent hours, US Uncut - a firm that cracks down on companies that try to skirt their tax payments - is taking aim at Apple. The organization is planning protests to commence next weekend.

    What has Apple done to raise the ire of this group? According to the angry bunch, US Uncut is displeased with Apple's participation in the "Win America Campaign" and the company's subsequent efforts to lobby for tax breaks on profits that aren't sitting in US banks.

    "Apple plays huge games with their taxes. By disguising profits in the U.S. as foreign earnings in low-tax countries, Apple dodges billions of dollars of taxes they should be paying," a representative for the group stated this week. Of course, US Uncut isn't just going after Apple. Bank of America, Verizon, FedEx, GE, and BP are also being targeted on the organization's June 4th "National Day of Action."

    Although it isn't yet clear how large or intrusive the protests will be, we're hearing that Apple stores will be plagued by "dance-in" protesters. Yes, dance-in. If you're assuming that this means protesters will show up and dance non-stop for 24 hours outside (or maybe inside) of an Apple retail store, that would be my assumption as well. And while it's unlikely this protest will actually prompt Apple to change the practices they're being ridiculed for, at least the dancing may provide some added entertainment to your visit to the Apple Store next weekend.

    Source: CNET
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