• Connection Issues Cropping up for Verizon 3G iPad 2 Users

    Reports are surfacing that some iPad 2 owners using Verizon's 3G network seem to be having difficulties connecting to the network. So far the problem seems to be isolated to the 3G model iPad 2. Wi-Fi models do not appear to be affected by this problem as these models do not connect to Verizon's 3G wireless network anyway. Thankfully, this problem does not seem to be affecting any AT&T users.

    In a statement to Mobilized “We are aware that a small number of iPad 2 customers have experienced connectivity issues with the Verizon 3G network and we are investigating it,” the company said.

    Currently, there are six pages concerning this issue on Apple's discussion forums. Most users reported having similar experiences trying to solve the issue. One user stated, “I spent over an hour at Verizon talking to apple on the phone.” While another user reported, “After spending 4 hours on the phone, I took my Ipad2 to the Apple store on 5th Ave in NYC. After demonstating (sic) the problem to them, they researched for a bit and gave me a new one.” This customer later reported that the same problem occurred on the replacement unit as well.

    If you happen to be one of those unfortunate enough to be affected by this problem, a workaround is being reported on multiple forums that seems to overcome the issue. Under settings, simply make sure that your 3G connection is enabled, and restart your iPad. The 3G connection should be reenabled and you should be connected to the Verizon network as soon as you are finished booting up. It's unfortunate that users must restart their devices in order to reactivate their cellular data connection. Apple is expected to release an iOS update within the next two weeks. It's unclear what issues this update will address, but hopefully there'll be a fix in it for Verizon customers.

    Source: All Things D
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