• G–Form iPad Extreme Sleeve Protects iPad from Falling Bowling Balls

    The iPad has countless options available when it comes to protective sleeves and cases, but how many of them can protect a precious iPad from a falling bowling ball drop of three feet? G–Form has announced the iPad Extreme Sleeve, a soft flexible, water resistant sleeve that is so tough, it can protect an iPad from just about any random bowling ball attack.

    G-Form is best known for their innovative shock absorbing protective pads that are capable of absorbing 90% of the energy from a high-speed impact. They offer a wide variety of protective gear including shin, knee and elbow pads that are lightweight and flexible.

    Although this is G-Form's first foray into protective gear for the iPad, it's certainly not going to be their last. The website administrator recently stated, “Stay tuned, if it’s a valuable electronic, G-Form will soon be your source for protection.”

    If you're not planning on taking your iPad to the bowling alley anytime soon, then rest assured that your iPad is still in good hands with the Extreme Sleeve. It's equally good at protecting an iPad from the usual bumps and bruises that you're more likely to encounter in your day-to-day life. G-Form also protects your screen from accidental zipper scratches and an iPad 2 equipped with a magnetic Smart Cover can easily fit in this sleeve as well. The iPad Extreme Sleeve will set you back about $60 when it comes out in early May, but you can pre-order one today if you prefer. Now I just wonder how it’ll stacks up against a cinderblock?

    Source: Gizmodo
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