• Apple 5th Avenue Store New York's Top Photo Attraction

    Of all the timeless, historic, and important landmarks that dot New York city, Apple's 5th Avenue store is New York's top photo attraction according to researcher Eric Frischer.

    I guess people would rather take pictures than throw stones through Apple's iconic glass house.

    Fischer created the above image by mapping the geo-tagged information from millions of photos uploaded to Flickr. He used the date and time of the photos to categorize them as either being shot by tourists or locals. He did the same analysis on a number of other cities to show that locals and tourists have a different eye for what is interesting. Apple stores in other cities have noticeably less "heat," around them because they're surrounded by more prominent attractions.

    Apple's 5th Avenue store beat out the likes of Rockefeller Center (2), Columbus Circle (3) and Times Square (4) for the number one most photographed attraction.

    I knew Apple devices were popular, and people tend to wander into their stores just to ogle things they can't afford, but there's something to be said when one of your retail stores is the most photographed landmark in a city.

    Steve Ballmer is probably about to have a stroke.

    Source: ifoAppleStore
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